UV sterilizer for home

The Smart HO UV Sterilizer from Emperor Aquatics features high output T6 style UV lamps offering approx. twice the output as standard lamps. The housings have a 5 inch diameter, which along with the high output bulbs, allow for a higher wattage unit that takes up less space. uv sterilizer for home. Small aquarium uv sterilizer. UV sterilizer for fish tank. Best aquarium uv filter.

  • For aquarium or pond use

-For aquariums up to 500 gallons. The 500 gallons rating assumes the unit is being used as a clarifier (algae) and sterilizer.
-For ponds up to 5,900 gallons

  • 50 watt T5 UV lamp
  • In line
  • Connections: 2″ union inlet/ 2″ union outlet
  • A pump is a required. The required flow rates:

-Algae: 1980 gph maximum, 1560 gph minimum
-Protozoa: 720 gph maximum, 540 gph minimum

  • Dimensions: 28″ X 5.75″

Best uv sterilizer for aquarium

When it comes to UV most other companies will recommend a small UV for a large tank which in reality won’t do much more than make your water look a bit clearer. If your ultimate goal is to keep bacteria, protozoa, and other free-floating pathogens at bay you really can’t do much better than Emperor Aquatics for UV sterilizers. With their real-world ratings, we have tried other UV sterilizers and really nothing else has come close. Even though they are a bit more expensive than other brands, their performance makes them worth every penny.

Best aquarium uv filter

Bulk Reef Supply carries the Emperor Aquatics line of UV Equipment because we feel they product some of the best UV sterilizers available to the aquarium industry and are one of the few brands that offer legitimately sized units capable of fulfilling their claims. UV sterilizer for home. Emperor Aquatics SMART High Output UV series features a compact space saving design . When used properly UV Sterilizers significantly reduce the chance of encountering disease or algae outbreaks.

Small aquarium uv sterilizer

Sterilizers are accurately sized based on contact time, flow rate and tank volume to achieve realistic results.Suggested flow rates factor in the water clarity and UV Transmittance of typical aquariums rather than basing them on purified water.Unique design maximizes the effective contact time by utilizing the full bulb length. Emperor Aquatics is trusted by zoos, universities and public aquariums including Duke University, Monterey Bay Aquarium, SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium, USDA Agricultural Research

uv sterilizer for fish tank

UV sterilizers are most effective as a preventative measure against disease outbreak. While not infallible, a properly sized and set up sterilizer will add a significant barrier to disease outbreak. Protecting your system and it’s inhabitants will ultimately save money, promote long-lived healthy fish and increase satisfaction received from the hobby. UV sterilizer for home. Sterilizers can also be used as a component of an effective strategy to current outbreak. Primarily to help ensure the outbreak doesn’t re-emerge after treatment. Anyone who has had the misfortune to encounter an outbreak will appreciate the importance of preventive measures against future problems.




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