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Tropicana Macaw Both parents contribute the offspring but the father has the dominant final appearance. Parrots for sale online . They come in rainbow colors. Sometimes all the siblings will have different colors. They are different shades of red on head an body and etchings of green and blue. Yellow, pinks, purples can come even through the play of wings and tail. They are tempered than a scarlet macaw or a catalina macaw, but not as green winged macaw. Size is smaller than the green winged macaw. Buy Exotic Pet Online. Hybrid Macaws for Sale.

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Buy baby Tropicana Macaw, Tropicana Macaws for sale online are a second generation hybrid macaw. It is derived from a Harlequin Macaw (a cross between a Blue and

Gold and a Green-winged Macaw) crossed with a Scarlet Macaw. These offspring are influenced by the traits and characteristics of both of its parents, however our Tropicana’s have the Harlequin dominant gene (male) so this will generally influence the offspring’s coloration and overall appearance & size. These parrots can become quite large, with an average 40 inches length from beak to tail and a wind-span of 40 inches or more. Buy baby Tropicana macaws online

Average Lifespan

+60 years

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The Tropicana Macaws inherit all the beautiful coloring & personalities of their parents. These beautiful Tropicana hybrid macaws can acquire a large vocabulary and have an amiable nature, although the Scarlet influence may also introduce a bit of an “independent” spirit. As with all macaws, these parrots are extremely intelligent and can become bored easily. They require daily socialization & stimulation for them to remain tame. Keep in mind that they, like all Macaws, can be quite noisy at times. Buy Exotic Pet Online.

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Tropicana Macaws can be one of the most beautiful & colorful of all Macaw hybrid species. The wonderful combination of the Scarlet, with it fiery brilliant red plumage & bright yellow & iridescent blue distributed throughout their wings in combination with the variety of greens and blue & gold combination from the Harlequin distinctive traits makes these large parrots a magnificent display of a rainbow of hues. Parrots for sale.

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Baby Tropicana Macaw parrots
buy Baby Tropicana Macaw parrots


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