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Superb Sassy Sapphire micro teacup. ELITE and upper crust for the very discenring buyer.
Tiny angel with a dreamy face that is truly unbelievable. AMAZING rare ELITE quality. When only the absoluet best will do!

She is 9 weeks old and now ready for her new family.

Yorkie puppy for sale

From a working-class “ratter” to recognition as one of the world’s most prestigious pure breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is an icon of breed shows and a favorite the world over.

Where can i buy a teacup yorkie puppy

Seven pounds of silky floor-length hair, the Yorkshire Terrier’s elegant disposition would not be out of place on the lap of a palace-dwelling royal.

For sale yorkie teacup puppies

Don’t be fooled. The “Yorkie” maybe a toy-size terrier, but the little canine possesses a tenacious, often feisty temperament that quickly elevates the bossy pooch to the top of the familial hierarchy.

How much is a teacup yorkie puppy

Hypoallergenic, compact and delightfully intelligent, Yorkies are the perfect city-dwelling companion. In fact, Yorkies are so well-suited to apartment living that they are frequently recognized as the most popular dog breed in cities across the U.S. Best place to buy teacup puppies

Where can i buy a yorkie teacup

Yorkie puppy for sale


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