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Gorgeous Micro Teacup Yorkie so tiny and beautiful. She is short, stocky, and has a beautiful baby doll face. She is tiny, playful and so perfect. Dont miss out on this doll baby. She is so cute and such a princess! Currently 16 weeks old and weighs 1 pound 4 ounces.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale

Every Teacup or Toy Yorkie puppy for sale here at Premium Arowana will go home with an official health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian, a 1 year health guarantee protecting against hereditary and congenital defects, all current vaccinations, and a complementary vet visit. In addition, each client will receive a 45 minute orientation before taking their new puppy home. During this time, the client will learn how to feed and care for their brand new Teacup or Toy Yorkie puppy!

Yorkshire terrier puppy for sale cheap

Unfortunately, their bold nature and self confidence may get them into trouble, as small dogs such as Teacup Yorkies can be seriously injured. Because of this, Teacup Yorkies typically don’t make suitable pets for very young children. While this breed can be a bit stubborn, they are generally smart and responsive to commands, making them easy to train. Although they may be suspicious of strangers, they are very affectionate with members of their own family.

Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale georgia

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) are feisty, adventurous and spunky little dogs; they are sporty and wild, cuddly and affectionate, they love to travel and explore and they are highly devoted family-oriented dogs. Yorkshire Terrier puppies have amazing colorful personalities, they are loving, fun, playful and fond of attention, they love to perform tricks and they are great at canine sports. Yorkies are elegant toy-sized dogs, they have an average weight between 4 to 6 pounds and an average height between 8 to 9 inches, and they have a glamorous long silky hypoallergenic coat, sparkly dark eyes, a little black nose and small pointy ears.

Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale

Buy teacup puppies online

yorkshire terrier puppies for sale


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