Siamese Kitten

Siamese Kitten consist of Lilac, blue, seal and chocolate points both boys and girls. Both parents are GCCF registered. They will be wormed, flea’d routinely and offer 100% aftercare. They will come with 4 weeks free insurance and kitten packs.

The temperament of each Siamese cat will vary from case to case; some are as relaxed and laid back as the coolest of moggies, while others appear to be constantly on the verge of all-out neuroticism!

Siamese cats can fairly be considered to be more “emotional” or sensitive than most other cats, and they do like to have everything just so, arranged to their liking, and done in the way that suits them! Provided that your Siamese cat has a stable living environment and you take care of all of their physical and emotional needs, you should find that your Siamese cat, while possibly more complex and demonstrative than most other breeds, is generally cool and happy.


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