Kutie Patootie Kassara


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Kutie patootie Kassara has class and loving to share! AVAILABLE! We all could take some lessons from this little diva in the making. Look at that face!!!!!!!! Need I say more?

How much does a maltese puppy cost

The Maltese is considered to be the oldest of the European Toy breeds. Nobles, royals, and aristocracy favored them. They are very well mannered and affectionate. The Maltese displays a graceful and regal demeanor.

How much does it cost to get a maltese puppy

The Maltese exudes great joy and delight. They are highly intelligent, animated, and playful. They are very social. They are happy and content being the center of attention whether they are with their family or in the show ring. This endearing breed is bright, loving, and a deeply devoted companion.

Buy maltese puppy online

How much does it cost to get a maltese puppy


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