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Friesian horses
4 years
16 hh
Driving -Leisure -Show

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A sporty and slim frieze, standing in the modern type. 
He is very compact, has a great character and always works well.
He rode in the GGA and drove in front of the carriage. He knows the gel?nde and the road traffic.  
Very pleasant to deal with, he has no stallion behavior. 
A Frisian who always wants to do everything right. 
Inquiries please call.
Buy a Friesian horse online
Buy a Friesian horse online

Buy a Friesian horse online

The Friesian is a tall and majestic horse breed that originates from the province Friesland (one of eleven provinces) of the Netherlands. Having once seen the Friesian in action, one will never forget it. In 1625, the Friesian was first introduced to America when the Dutch settled on Manhatta

Buy Friesian horses online


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