Bengal kitten

Bengal kitten , This crossing was intended to produce a domestic cat with many of the desirable traits of wild cats, such as the distinctive coat of the breed that often mimics that of their wild ancestors, and has a unique, very sleek texture.

The Bengal temperament too is generally quite different to that of other cats, and some owners say that they are almost dog-like in terms of their intelligence, ability to be demanding, and the ways in which they show affection!

All of this means that it is certainly fair to say that the Bengal cannot really be compared like for like with the average moggy, and this is something that all potential Bengal owners should be aware of before falling for their charms and buying one.

It is vital to do plenty of research into the breed as a whole and their unique traits and care requirements before going ahead-but in this article, we will round up five of the most important things that you should know before committing to buy a Bengal cat or kitten.


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