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Apollo is tiny, beautiful and has the prettiest shortest bear face. He is estimating 2 to 2 1/2 pounds full grown and so pretty. Gorgeous baby boy with tons of loving to offer his new family. Simply cutest little guy with tons of personality to WOW you. He is available and ready for his new home. Buy a Pomeranian Puppy .

Where can i buy a pom puppy

● Pomeranians have a lot of fur. Even though they don’t pull sleds anymore, poms have held onto their warm, double coats.

● Their fur needs a great deal of attention to prevent it from getting knotty or matted.

● These dogs get along well with each other and other animals.

● They are very affectionate and loyal dogs.

● Pomeranians should not be left alone for too long as this can lead to separation anxiety.

Pomeranians come in a variety of colours such as black, brown, white, cream and orange.

Buy a Pomeranian Puppy
Buy a Pomeranian Puppy

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The recommended daily intake for a Pomeranian is ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dog food. This should be split in two meals.

Understanding the feeding requirements of a Pomeranian is crucial to prevent health problems.


Brushing their coats at minimum twice every week is highly recommended. This helps to prevent their hair from accumulating on your clothes and furniture.

It’s also advisable to start grooming your pomeranians at an early age. This way, they can become accustomed to the routine.

Purchase a Pomeranian puppy online


As they are intelligent and energetic, Pomeranians enjoy and thrive at obedience training. That said, they have moderate activity levels. They will enjoy short daily walks and occasional playtime.


Pomeranian do well in training if you provide them with firm leadership. It is important for consistency in training Pomeranian. Pomeranian puppies for sale near me .

Food is a superb motivational tool, as is praising them when they do good. For the best results, the training sessions should be kept short.


Purchase a Pomeranian puppy


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