Our beautiful baby blue eyed leucistic Columbian rainbow boas for sale are from a very trusted breeder who has been in the industry for over thirty years. These amazing and docile small sized rainbow boa constrictors grow to a very manageable size of three to four feet in length. They are a light brown and tan color in the wild. Through selective breeding we are able to offer you an ivory colored snake with beautiful and brightly colored blue eyes. Leucistic rainbow boas are able to feed on a diet of small rodents as new borns and as they mature they can eat larger meals. Adult rainbow boas can be fed a larger rodent diet like medium rats. They can also be kept in a larger enclosure like a four foot terrarium or a larger custom made tank. Normal baby Colombian rainbow boas are beautiful as well with a shiny and iridescent rainbow hue. You may also want to consider our slightly larger Brazilian rainbow boas as pets.


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